The Taming Sneaky Fears Program: How to Be a Feeling Catcher and the Boss of My Body

  • Suneeta MongaEmail author
  • Diane Benoit


This chapter provides an overview and rationale for using the concepts of feeling recognition and management early in the Taming Sneaky Fears program, i.e., during one parent session (P-Session 1) and three child sessions (C-Sessions 1, 2, and 5). It offers detailed, step-by-step guidelines on how to implement these sessions and teach four- to seven-year-old children and their parents: (1) feeling recognition (or How to Be a Feeling Catcher by doing a Body Scan in P-Session 1 and C-Sessions 1 and 2 and by using the Feeling Thermometer in P-Session 1 and C-Session 5); and (2) relaxation strategies (or How to Be the Boss of My Body by using Spaghetti Arms and Toes in P-Session 1 and C-Session 1 and Balloon Breathing and Imagery in P-Session 1 and C-Session 2). The chapter suggests adaptations for four- to seven-year-old children with selective mutism and social anxiety disorder and their parents.


Feeling recognition preschoolers Identifying feelings preschoolers Feeling intensity preschoolers How to be the boss of my body 


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