Reactor Stability

  • Bahman Zohuri


Understanding time-dependent behaviors of nuclear reactors and the methods of their control is essential to the operation and safety of nuclear power plants. This chapter provides researchers and engineers in nuclear engineering very general yet comprehensive information on the fundamental theory of nuclear reactor kinetics and control and the state-of-the-art practice in actual plants, as well as the idea of how to bridge the two. The dynamics and stability of engineering equipment affect their economical and operation from safety and reliable operation point of view. In this chapter, we will talk about the existing knowledge that is today practiced for the design of reactor power plants and their stabilities as well as available techniques to designers. Although, stable power processes are never guaranteed. An assortment of unstable behaviors wrecks power apparatus, including mechanical vibration, malfunctioning control apparatus, unstable fluid flow, unstable boiling of liquids, or combinations thereof. Failures and weaknesses of safety management and safety management systems are the underlying causes of most accidents.


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