Instruments for Well Navigation and Drilling Optimization Evaluation

  • Chinthaka P. Gooneratne
  • Bodong Li
  • Max Deffenbaugh
  • Timothy Moellendick
Part of the Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation book series (SSMI, volume 32)


This chapter provides an introduction to drilling directional and horizontal wells and the two most common methods, sliding/rotating drilling with a bent-house hydraulic motor and rotary steerable systems (RSSs), utilized to accurately navigate a well to a target reservoir. At the heart of well navigation is a system known as measurement-while-drilling (MWD), which consists of magnetometers and accelerometers to measure the azimuth and inclination, respectively. A discussion on drilling dynamics sensors such as vibration, shock, downhole weight-on-bit (WOB), torque-on-bit (TOB) and drill bit revolutions per minute (RPM) to optimize drill bit penetration through rock formations is provided towards the end of the chapter.


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