Taiwan’s Geoparks

  • Jiun-Chuan LinEmail author
  • Shew-Jiuan Su
Part of the Geoheritage, Geoparks and Geotourism book series (GGAG)


Geoparks have been a global brand name that incorporates not only the nature, but also the human societies and their wisdom in safeguarding the only planet that we share. In particular, in the places where livelihood is often challenged and the nature and societal safety are threatened by inappropriate developments or economic activities, geoparks could play a crucial role for us to re-consider and act collectively and bottom-up for how we should live with the nature sustainably. With the core values of geoparks, namely landscape conservation, geo-education (or geomorphologically environmental education), geo-tourism (or eco-tourism) and the local involvement for all these, a new way of life and livelihood could be re-considered or invented. For Taiwan geoparks, the powerful utility made possible by geoparks is a proven blessing to the island state of Taiwan. Taiwan is located on the ring of fire in the western Pacific Ocean. Constant tectonic movements and geological up lifting of the island have taught the society how fragile we are. With the annual threats of typhoons and the coupled devastating environmental changes and hazards, the society understands it needs to be resilient. Under the circumstance, the idea of geopark becomes a powerful and instrumental tool for Taiwan society and the local communities located at relatively disadvantaged places to re-think and figure out a sustainable and resilient way of living with the nature. With the various facets of geoparks that are illustrated in this book, you will get a glimpse of how the island state of Taiwan is heading for a sustainable environment with geoparks in its marginal areas.


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