Copy of a Copy of a Copy: Theorizing the Triplicity of Self and Otherness in Season Three of Twin Peaks

  • Kwasu David Tembo


Tembo offers an in-depth theorization of triplicity in Twin Peaks Season Three. Focusing on the three manifestations of Dale Cooper, the chapter draws on Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytical theory of the Three Orders to draw attention to the crucial role of triplicity in all narrative threads of the season. As well as looking at how tricplicity is a natural development of the themes of singularity and dualism expressed in the preceding two seasons of the series, Tembo explores the theoretical implications of the program’s preoccupation with antagonisms between singularity, duality, and triplicity. ‘Copy of a Copy of a Copy’ concludes with a detailed close reading of the three manifestations of Cooper, analyzing the character as a repository of ostensibly oppositional but fundamentally co-generative psychoanalytical concepts.


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