Drummond’s Commitment to Universality

  • David Macfadyen
  • Michael D. V. Davies
  • Marilyn Norah Carr
  • John Burley
Part of the Understanding Governance book series (TRG)


Looks at the efforts of Drummond to give a voice to all the League’s smaller members, to bring in Germany and Russia and to maintain constructive relations with the USA. Examines his relations with member states worldwide and covers his one major overseas mission to Latin America. Attracted to Wilson’s notion that the League’s power stemmed from world public opinion, Drummond moved quickly to ensure that meetings were open to the public and put permanent arrangements in place for the press, with the Information Section becoming the largest in the League. Imagining a Greater League of Nations, Drummond welcomed collaboration with non-governmental organizations, particularly in support of the League’s Social Section, presaging the place that these organizations have in the international arena today.


Germany Russia Latin America Press and public opinion Information Section International women’s organizations 

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  • David Macfadyen
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