Humanitarian and Political Legacies

  • David Macfadyen
  • Michael D. V. Davies
  • Marilyn Norah Carr
  • John Burley
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Significant activities of the League transited across to the UN. The chapter explains how responsibilities evolved for the protection of refugees; how the League’s mandates system merged into the UN’s trusteeship arrangements; how the protection of minority rights contributed to the development of the post-war human rights regime; and how the League’s work on the development of international law moved seamlessly into the UN. The chapter also examines the continuities between the Covenant and the Charter as well as the precedents created by the League’s approach to peacekeeping and the peaceful settlement of disputes. Three institutions associated with the League continued almost without interruption, namely the ILO, the International Court of Justice and the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law.


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