Beginning Writing at the Ending; a Second Take, a Second to Take

  • Elizabeth Mackinlay


With the understanding that there is never a conclusion to be found in writing sitting so close, in the final chapter of this book I re/turn to narratives of “unforgetting” to begin at the end. I have “died” and will experience many deaths in becoming a critical autoethnographer and here I present my thinking-as-writing-as-thinking around what, how and why this Cixousian book I don’t write has become now that I have reached the door to a room of my own where writing dangerously is the way I must go in order to live. Perhaps too, this is the way that an embodied, feminist, decolonial and critical autoethnographic words must go to become the kind of wise, loving, and ethical praxis we yearn for—to danger then, in writing we go.


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