On the Generalized Sylvester Polynomials

  • Nejla ÖzmenEmail author
  • Esra Erkuş-Duman
Conference paper
Part of the Trends in Mathematics book series (TM)


In this study, we give some new properties for the generalized Sylvester polynomials. The results obtained here include various families of multilinear and multilateral generating functions and miscellaneous properties. In addition, we derive a theorem giving certain families of bilateral generating functions for the generalized Sylvester polynomials and the Lauricella functions. Finally, we get several results of this theorem.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Art and Science, Department of MathematicsDüzce UniversityDüzceTurkey
  2. 2.Faculty of Science, Department of MathematicsGazi UniversityAnkaraTurkey

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