Navier–Stokes Transport Coefficients for Multicomponent Granular Gases. I. Theoretical Results

  • Vicente GarzóEmail author
Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)


The Chapman–Enskog method is applied to solve the set of Enskog kinetic equations of a multicomponent mixture of smooth inelastic hard spheres. As with monocomponent systems, an analysis is performed to first-order in spatial gradients. The Navier–Stokes transport coefficients and the first-order contribution to the cooling rate are obtained in terms of the solution to a set of coupled linear integral equations. These equations are approximately solved by considering the leading terms in a Sonine polynomial expansion. Explicit forms of the relevant transport coefficients of the mixture are obtained in terms of concentrations, masses and sizes of the constituents of the mixture, solid volume fraction, and coefficients of restitution. The dependence of these coefficients on the parameter space of the system is amply illustrated in the case of a binary mixture.


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