Navier–Stokes Transport Coefficients for Monocomponent Granular Gases. I. Theoretical Results

  • Vicente GarzóEmail author
Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)


A normal solution to the revised Enskog kinetic theory of smooth monocomponent granular gases is obtained via the Chapman–Enskog method for states close to the local homogeneous cooling state. The analysis is performed to first-order in spatial gradients, allowing the identification of Navier–Stokes transport coefficients associated with heat and momentum fluxes along with the first-order contribution to the cooling rate. The transport coefficients are determined from the solution to a set of coupled linear integral equations analogous to those for elastic collisions. These integral equations are solved by using different approximate methods that yield explicit expressions for the transport coefficients in terms of the coefficient of restitution and the solid volume fraction. Finally, the results obtained from the Chapman–Enskog method are compared against those derived from different approaches.


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