Quantum Mechanics I

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  • Dieter Strauch
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From the beginning of the book, but in particular in this chapter, we stress the inherent uncertainty (e.g., of an initial state). After discussing the usual formalism of the (im)proper Hilbert space with the Dirac bra and ket notation and the operator formalism, the Pauli principle is introduced at an early stage. A key topic is the uncertainty principle applied to the wave–particle duality, which is not without intricacies, and therefore rarely found elsewhere. Further topics are the Pauli and von Neumann equations, the Wigner function, the collision-free Boltzmann equation, parametric oscillators, (weak) coupling to the environment and the Markov approximation, the Liouville equation, absorption and emission, dissipation, and decoherence (a hot topic in modern science). There is a list of 45 problems.


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