Why Desegregation Still Matters

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Part of the Historical Studies in Education book series (HSE)


This chapter explains how the 2014 death of Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer led to questions about school desegregation policy in St. Louis. It explores the need to revisit desegregation policies and to identify how those policies excluded predominately black, suburban schools like the one that Brown attended. The main argument presented in this chapter is that because some schools in St. Louis have never desegregated, school desegregation is a contemporary issue. This chapter also describes the methods used for this research project and discusses the questions and goals of this research. The main goal of this research is to explore how racism in Missouri affected desegregation school policy and how citizens responded to that policy. Archival letters, newspaper articles, and political speeches are used to reclaim lost voices of people who were involved in the desegregation battle.


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