The Systems Engineering Concept

A Practical Hands-on Approach to Systems Engineering
  • Henrik BalslevEmail author
Conference paper


Systems engineering includes a range of different processes defined by ISO 15288, which one can run depending on the requested needs. But ISO 15288 does not provide specific detailed instructions for the execution of these, and very often systems engineering will be performed by specialists responsible for systems engineering activities as an add-on to other project activities, rather as an integral part of the daily life of designers and engineers.

This white paper introduces a concept for systems engineering, The Systems Engineering Concept® (SEC), which can be used by all project participants and not just specialists. SEC is using selected processed from ISO 15288 and in addition IEC/ISO 81346, IEC 61355 and IEC 62023 standard series. Processes are determined by making reverse engineering on proven methods and use these in SEC.


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