Conclusion: Imaginative Geographies

  • Joanna Johnson
Part of the Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies book series (GSLS)


In these accounts of Britain’s rural scapes, the writers complicate the British countryside; their work returns a different view of the landscape than those views they initially encountered through the books and descriptions of their own (often colonially educated) backgrounds. Their reimaginings of these landscapes and rural areas allow us to see a different Britain, one which admits different voices. It is a relationship in which Caribbean writing shows greater complexity and wider significance than accounts and understandings of the British countryside have heretofore admitted; at the same time, close examination of these works shows that the complexity and ambiguity remain a seminal part of these authors’ relationships with the British countrysides of their imaginations. I conclude that these writers are “singing with different voices” (Bhabha) to create a way of seeing the British countryside that is new and multifaceted, and all the richer for it.

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