At the End of the Night – and After

  • Luigino Bruni
Part of the Virtues and Economics book series (VIEC, volume 4)


The wonderful death of Jacob generated a new crisis in the fraternity. As in the first time of forgiving, Joseph uses the best words for all instances of reconciliation: It wasn’t you, but God. In the curing of the wounded brotherhood, and when, just like in the case of Joseph and his brothers, forgiveness is not to forget the past but to invest in a new, resurrected relationship, the forgiveness of the victim is not enough: it is necessary that those who have committed the crime really believe in the forgiveness they have just received. We have reached the conclusion of the commentary of the Book of Genesis. During this journey we were flooded, inundated, overwhelmed and loved by the blessings that surpassed the many instances of ambiguity and malice and that come alive in our flesh when we hear them, even if we had met them before. Blessings that we have communicated to us a thousand times in a thousand ways that the last word on the world and man is not that of Cain, even if that is the one heard most all over the earth, yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow, too. Genesis has given us ears to hear other voices that are less noisy but more true: our first task is to try to detect them among the many noises of history if we want to remain human, spiritual beings capable of infinity.

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