Brotherhood Cannot Be Bought

  • Luigino Bruni
Part of the Virtues and Economics book series (VIEC, volume 4)


The second part of the cycle of Joseph is a wonderful lesson on the process of the reconstruction of denied fraternity, especially of the broken brotherhoods where there is a victim, an innocent man who succeeds in reaching forgiveness and reconciliation after a long and painful journey. After the first 7 years of abundance, the ‘fat cows’, there came a harsh famine, but in all the land of Egypt there was bread. The famine reached Canaan, too. Jacob-Israel learned that there was grain for sale in Egypt, and he sent his sons to the land of the Nile. The sons left, except Benjamin, his last born by Rachel. Jacob kept him home, because he feared that harm might happen to him. The same harm that had happened years before to Joseph who now awaited them, having become “visir” in Egypt. It is not uncommon that it is a “famine” that makes us reconcile after many years of conflict. Joseph, still as a young boy, was sold into slavery by those brothers whom now, as an adult, he is saving by giving them grain.

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