A Reflective Account on Dimensions of Caring: Moments of Care Within Journal Editorship, Doctoral Supervision, and Deanship

  • Yusef Waghid


Considering that the elucidations on care in the previous chapters invariably involved my articulations in and about educational encounters within an HE context, I thought it apposite to produce a chapter on my own reflections about my collective roles as journal editor, supervisor and dean of a faculty of education during more than two decades in higher education. What I hope to show in this chapter, is that some of the notions of caring – especially democratic, cosmopolitan and ubuntu caring as instances of rhythmic caring – espoused throughout this book, have not been alien to my academic involvement for many years in a university setting. I will endeavour to link some of the dimensions of caring that I have accounted for in this book to my engagement with editorship, student supervision and deanship in a university setting. In this way, I envisage to contextualise some of the aspects of caring in relation to my personal, public and professional sojourn as a philosopher of education.


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  • Yusef Waghid
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  1. 1.Faculty of EducationStellenbosch UniversityCape TownSouth Africa

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