Caring and Democratic Inclusion

  • Yusef Waghid


Practices of university teaching and learning have long been associated with interrelated human experiences. A teacher teaches, and students learn. However, over the last three decades, since the post-critical turn, teaching and learning have been considered as interrelated human actions in the sense that, as a teacher performs the act of teaching, so he or she equally learns. Similarly, as students learn what they are taught, so they too become inclined towards teaching. In other words, it is not simply a matter of a teacher performing an act of teaching, and alternatively, a student learning. Rather, both teaching and learning have become intertwined activities in the sense that teaching–learning exists together. For purposes of this book, I refer to such an interrelationship of teaching–learning, a pedagogical encounter. By implication, pedagogical encounters constitute interrelated and inclusive human experiences of teaching and learning.


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  • Yusef Waghid
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  1. 1.Faculty of EducationStellenbosch UniversityCape TownSouth Africa

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