The Portrayal of British Women in Wartime Occupations in British Spy Literature During World War I

  • Danny Laurie-Fletcher


This chapter analyses the depiction of women and the implied meanings at the time the British spy stories were written and read. The areas of focus include the depiction of the employment of women during the war but also the issues of class, and of romantic and sexual love within British spy stories of World War I. The type of women that are included are divided between those appearing in the traditional role of the damsel in distress (the most common type) and women in the employed workplace as factory workers, as nurses, or as spies. Each of these employed categories appeared due to the circumstances of World War I. This chapter’s focus is on one of these stereotypes: that of the working women in the British spy stories of World War I. Since the end of the war, historians have argued over the extent of the war’s social impact on women.

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