Tribological Measurement of Electroless Nickel Coatings

  • Prasanta SahooEmail author
  • Arkadeb Mukhopadhyay
Part of the Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology book series (MFMT)


The tribological characteristics of electroless nickel coatings have been in focus since its inception. With the passage of time, electroless nickel coatings have proven to be a promising candidate as tribo-coatings. Electroless nickel coatings have now evolved into a large family of functional coatings due to the flexibility of the process. Depending upon the need and cater into the rising industrial demands, different varieties of electroless nickel coatings have been deposited and evaluated. In fact, simulation of test conditions and test environments as per industrial demands has led to the investigation of the coatings on a variety of test setups. Different tribological measurement techniques employed to evaluate the coatings and the response of the coatings to the same are summarized. The present chapter gives a comprehensive overview of tribological measurements and evaluation methods related to surface roughness and friction/wear characteristics of electroless nickel coatings.


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