Are We Responsible for Our Decisions?

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Closely connected with chap.  6, chap.  7 concentrates on the philosophical discussion around responsibility. However, whereas the possibility of executing free will can unambiguously be shown in the clustered-minds multiverse, responsibility will turn out to be a subtler issue. Short-term, i.e., in each singular decision, full responsibility of a certain version of an individual for his actions is difficult to justify since a complete removal of consciousness from non-preferred realities is not possible. The chapter therefore brings in Buddhist’ and Confucianist’ accounts of responsibility that help establishing the idea of a long-term responsibility in the clustered-minds multiverse. Another potential limit for responsibility to be looked at in chap.  7 are the many choices that are (partially) driven by unconscious motives. Chapter 7 contains one box discussing a pragmatic, economic approach to punishment (potentially replacing ‘moral’ responsibility with ‘deterrence’).

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