Selected Consequences of the Clustered-Minds Multiverse for Weltanschauung and Scientific Research

  • Christian D. SchadeEmail author


The last part of the book (VI: Conclusions and General Perspectives) contains only one final chapter (i.e., chapter 13) that is concerned with consequences of the clustered-minds multiverse for our weltanschauung and for future research in physics and in the social sciences. This chapter does not aim at the impossible: summarizing from all the previous chapters the plethora of research opportunities that have been identified or the several consequences for our weltanschauung that arose. Instead, it focuses on some especially important and challenging new aspects in this regard (or more detailed accounts of only briefly mentioned, but rather important phenomena). It wants to be stimulating instead of suggesting any completeness. Part of those challenging thoughts are the limits put on the potential revelation of ‘truth’ in scientific research in physics and in the social sciences by the clustered-minds multiverse, the introduction of a new type of psychophysical experiments, and, quite generally, the move from a quasi-Newtonian to a multiverse worldview.

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