Repetition Compulsion and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

  • Christian D. SchadeEmail author


Chapters  11 and  12 discuss potentially far-reaching consequences of the clustered-minds multiverse for psychological phenomena as well as experimentation in the social sciences (Part IV of the book). Chapter  11 starts with the phenomenon of repetition compulsion from psychoanalysis; specifically, and without wanting to downplay the sadness of those experiences, it asks the question how a neurotic person might be able to ‘manipulate’ his environment so successfully as to always get the ‘right’ people involved in his life doing the ‘right’ things to him so that certain experiences can be repeated. As will be shown, an answer to this question is feasible within the framework of the multiverse. The chapter continues with the exciting phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecies in several spheres of life and will discuss explanations for those phenomena that have been proposed in the literature, e.g., multiple equilibria in game theory and economics. The clustered-minds multiverse will turn out to offer a general framework containing those phenomena as well as some of the explanations that have been suggested for them.

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