Introduction: Developing a Multiverse View of Decision Making and Consciousness

  • Christian D. SchadeEmail author


The first chapter provides an introduction to the concept of the quantum multiverse, also showing the reader what to expect when reading the book. What are the challenges when confronted with this unusual perspective on life? Is the multiverse, applying Sigmund Freud’s famous reflections on the move from a geocentric to a heliocentric perspective, the development of evolution theory, and the detection of the unconscious, inflicting another ‘narcissistic wound’ on mankind? Or are the advantages of this perspective, a parsimonious interpretation of quantum mechanics, a new, non-materialistic, non-reductionist view of the action of consciousness, and, last but not least, room for a special form of free will, more important? Could it be that the multiverse perspective is actually healing some (imminent) other wounds such as the so-called neurobiological wound? Moreover, the chapter ‘prepares’ the reader for concepts such as parallel times, i.e., times as special cases of other universes, and the parallel existence of different versions of one person. Finally, the chapter gives an overview and explains the structure of the book.

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