Website and Literature Teaching: Teaching Experiment of Literary Texts at the Beginning of German Studies in China

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In German or in other language disciplines except English discipline of Chinese universities and colleges, literature teaching is now on the edge. More and more trained students in German discipline have no idea about the German literature. The author has tried to teach the Chinese students in German discipline, how to read and understand the literary texts in the courses in the first academic year, with the help of website. In this paper, the author does carry out the real situations and views of the students on literary texts at the beginning of their study. With the help of a questionnaire survey, the author does think: the students do not refuse literature, with the help of Internet, and they can learn more about the literary texts than in the textbooks. In the survey, we find that the reading of literary texts depends more on the education of the parents of the students, the kinds of Intelligentsia have found more enjoy on the reading of literary texts. What the teachers have to change is not the curriculum, but their positions, ideas and the methods to the teaching of literary texts.


Literary texts Chinese students German discipline 


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