Incorporation of Materials that Improve Durability, Resistance to Water and Anti-seismic Behaviour for Sustainability Earthen Construction Techniques Used in Rural Housing in Ráquira, Colombia

  • Franz CalderonEmail author
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In Latin-American countries materials such as concrete are still a preferred option in the construction of housing, even though, their exploitation has caused environmental damages, and they are expensive. This situation is affecting the most vulnerable population, especially in developing and not industrialized countries. This paper proposes an ecological and rural housing building innovation: a panel made from natural and low cost materials for the construction of housing in rural areas of developing countries. The study was developed in Ráquira, a rural region located 120 km from Bogota, Colombia. For the purpose of the project, we were studying, about 10 samples and 3 prototypes of the panels were made. Tests were performed by mixing different materials such as sisal, hay, recycled rubber, wood in very small sections, and wire mesh of steel. In addition, the testing provided additional data about the materials that would give the earth more stability and strength.


Earthen construction Innovation Sustainable housing Sustainable materials 


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