Regional Geology of the Kodar-Udokan Mineral District

  • Bronislav Gongalsky
  • Nadezhda Krivolutskaya
Part of the Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences book series (MASE)


The Kodar-Udokan mineral district is spatially constrained to a narrow spur of the western margin of the Aldan Shield in the southeast of the Siberian Craton, sandwiched between the Phanerozoic Baikal-Muya and Mongol-Okhotsk mobile belts. It comprises many deposits of Cu, V, Fe, Ag, Ti, V, Ta-Nb, Zr, and REE-Y of different genetic types in sedimentary and magmatic rocks. The sandstones of the Udokan Supergroup, the gabbro rocks of the Chiney Intrusive Complex, and the alteration assemblages of the Katugin granite are hosts to the main deposits. New geological, mineralogical, and geochemical data on the rocks and mineralization are summarized here.


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  • Nadezhda Krivolutskaya
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