Power System Restoration Using DFIG-Based Wind Farms and VSC-HVDC Transmission Systems

  • Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri


This chapter focuses on restoration of AC grids using doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farms and voltage source converter (VSC) HVDC systems. During the black-start process, the system becomes extremely weak and study of restoration following a blackout becomes challenging due to a wide bandwidth of interest. A “Hybrid” simulation platform that allows representation of a portion of the grid using detailed three-phase electromagnetic transient (EMT)-type models and the rest of the grid by phasor model is described to simulate the black-start process. The results from the Hybrid and the non-Hybrid simulations are compared. Finally, a phasor-measurement unit (PMU)-assisted restoration process involving DFIG-based wind farms and VSC-HVDC link is presented using the Hybrid simulation platform.



Results reported in this chapter are developed based on research papers [10, 11] published from my group, which are reproduced with permission of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and IEEE. Graduate student involved in producing these results is Mr. Pooyan Moradi Farsani. Most of the research material was produced with support from NSF grant award ECCS1656983.


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