Modeling and Control of HVDC Systems

  • Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri


This chapter gives a brief overview of modeling and control of high voltage DC (HVDC) systems. First, different configurations of HVDC transmission systems are mentioned, which is followed by the state-space averaged modeling of line-commutated converter (LCC) HVDC systems and their control modes. Next, voltage source converter (VSC) HVDC modeling and control in a synchronously rotating dq reference frame is presented. Both grid-connected and islanded modes of control are discussed. Finally, modeling of multiterminal DC (MTDC) grids is briefly presented. The model of AC-MTDC grids in a unified framework is also given. At the end, different control philosophies of MTDC grid are elaborated. This includes discussion of four control options including DC voltage control, voltage droop control, and frequency droop control.


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