Equisingular Families of Curves

  • Gert-Martin GreuelEmail author
  • Christoph Lossen
  • Eugenii Shustin
Part of the Springer Monographs in Mathematics book series (SMM)


We are ready to accomplish our main task, that is to answer the two following questions concerning equisingular families (ESF) of curves. whether a family of algebraic curves with a prescribed collection of singularities form a nonempty, T-smooth (i.e. smooth of expected dimension), irreducible stratum in the discriminant in a given linear system |D| on a smooth algebraic surface \({\varSigma }\), and what is the local structure of the discriminant in a neighborhood of the above stratum, in particular, when is a family deformation complete (i.e. when are any simultaneous local deformations of the curve singularities induced by the given linear system).


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