Inventory Control Through ABC/XYZ Analysis

  • Esra Agca AktuncEmail author
  • Meltem Basaran
  • Gozde Ari
  • Mumin Irican
  • Sahna Gungor
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering book series (LNMIE)


In this study, inventory and production control of a group of products from a major manufacturer of domestic and industrial gas meters is examined. ABC and XYZ analyses are carried out for the inventory items to determine the production strategy of each item class and the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). After this examination, one of the end products of the company is chosen to develop the Materials Requirement Plan (MRP) for. The Bill of Materials (BOM) for the chosen product is created and MRP is developed according to the BOM levels. The monthly demand data for the final product is obtained based on the annual demand and the required quantities for all sub materials of the final product are calculated with MRP. Finally, after the ABC/XYZ analysis, BOM structuring, and MRP calculations, a user interface is developed in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to access, edit, and add the desired information easily.


Inventory control ABC/XYZ analysis Item classification Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) 


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  • Esra Agca Aktunc
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    Email author
  • Meltem Basaran
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  • Gozde Ari
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  • Mumin Irican
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  • Sahna Gungor
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  1. 1.Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesKadir Has UniversityIstanbulTurkey

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