GUIDOVILLE: Labeling Italian Americans Deviant

  • Donald TricaricoEmail author
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This chapter focuses on a particular historical event that named Guido in the public discourse for the first time. Mass media representations are a key external boundary in the transaction of youth culture identity. Historically, Italian American youth are prominently represented in the mass media as unruly, specifically around themes of deviance that marginalize Italian ethnicity as a minority group culture. Guido was framed as a category of deviance in the narrative of a notorious “racial killing” in Bensonhurst in 1989. Press accounts that muted a style-based youth subculture also pathologized local Italian American community, and the chapter underscores the narrative connection between Guido and urban ethnic minority culture. Mass media discourses that problematized ethnic Italian culture reflect shifting agendas in the city’s social, political, and economic landscape.

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