An Astonishing Continuity: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama

  • Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira


George W. Bush came to power by targeting the white Christian right, pushing the United States further to the right in the culture war and expanding the racial divide in his country. By the end of his second mandate, his disastrous wars and the glooming economic crisis had eroded all confidence in the Bush administration, however. So the big banks came to realize they could no longer bet on a republican candidate and placed their chips on Barack Obama. His election changed nothing in the disastrous foreign policy of the ignorant George W. Bush, however. Obama failed to see the strategic parity between the United States and Russia and embraced the neoconservative plan for a “New American Century,” courting disaster in Ukraine and Syria.

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  • Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira
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  1. 1.Emeritus professor for HistoryUniversity of BrasíliaSt. Leon-RotGermany

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