Israel Under Right-Wing Government

  • Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira


In 2000, gas was found in Gaza, and Hamas won the elections. Israel soon moved to invade Gaza through operations Cast Lead and Pillar of Cloud, killing thousands and destroying Gaza’s infrastructure. Israel’s policy to expand its borders and recreate the Land of Israel through the establishment of settlements continued unabated into the twenty-first century, despite the Oslo Accords signed by Arafat and Rabin in the 1990s. These two dealmakers were both assassinated. Arafat’s elimination was blatantly encouraged by George W. Bush and Sharon for at least 2 years prior to his actual murder with polonium-210. Rabin, on the other hand, was shot by a fundamentalist Jew in 1995. The right wing then took power in Israel through Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave new impetus to the settlements in the West Bank and continued to deceive and manipulate so as to destroy any chance of a Palestinian State.

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  • Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira
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