Detection of Objects and Evaluation with the IO Link Using Miniature Laser Sensor - A Review

  • R. DivyaEmail author
  • R. Chinnaiyan
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 26)


The detection of objects and evaluations of objects has a greater application in the industrial automation. The miniature laser sensors are on the ease of use device for the industries, laser measurement sensors type and application that are relying on this laser sensors. The detection of the objection and gaps with the IO link integration is possible only with this miniature laser sensors, the objects are precisely detected with the help of the ultra-miniature laser device. The development of this devices is basically an revolution in the field of sensors for better of the work environment that can be applied to the real life work ease for all the application to the aerospace, agriculture, construction, cargo transportation, energy-power and natural resources which will help to do the large volume of the crash test sensors, depth of water on a test track, aerial and UAV’s, displacement measurement, height-position-thickness-length measurements. Hence these miniature laser sensors have a newer range and high accuracy for sensing any objects when its applied on.


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