Now days the smart house structure is very essential not only for high class communities but for ordinary people also. Smart house supplies a huge quantity of auditory, video, picture information. It needs speedy and real-time network which can assemble mobile phones become a control terminal. Like wireless Technologies, ZigBee house automation system can reduce the cost of wires and consistent and sheltered communication can be used. Recently, ZigBee is highly skilled technologies for the house network. Using a small, low-power, low-cost data communication technology requires a private sector network that is ZigBee to set up networking, security and application software layers. For the little area like houses ZigBee is perfect network. To reduce user interfaces with the system, this system permit to control the devices directly using voice notifications. This System uses Microsoft Application to empower voice recognition when a user gives voice command to the system. Wireless system usually interfaces with wireless gateways in addition connect to mobile terminals for observing 4G mobile phones.


ZigBee House automation Voice recognition 


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