Updating of ManufactOn Software in Collaborative, Cloud and Mobile Solution in Civil Construction

  • H. M. VedaEmail author
  • Shilpa ChaudhariEmail author
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Everybody wants the prefabricated construction, just-in-time delivery, the speed, the reduced cost, the quality and the worker safety but nobody wants the hassles, the spread sheets, the phone calls, the paper notes and the miscommunications. ManufactOn construction supply chain solution has given the benefits of prefabrication and material delivery without the hassles. It is the cloud and mobile solution that helps to manage the entire prefabrication and material delivery process, everything from prefab planning to design and manufacturing to shipping in a single view of construction supply chain. Even through ManufactOn application contains different stages and functionalities from the prefab production till delivery of the items to the construction site, it lacks dashboard and shipping inventory functions, which is addressed in this paper. Dashboard functionality statistically analyzes the construction process related data for improving the flexibility in the ManufactOn software from user point of view whereas shipping inventory manages and access the items from the various locations that they are available at. Updating of the ManufactOn software with this functionality gives more weigh and responsibility to the software, even from the user point of view updating and high level development of application will be more users friendly.


Prefabrication ManufactOn software and supply chain management Dashboard 


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