ECG Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things Technology

  • Aryan S. VermaEmail author
  • Manisha R. Mhetre
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Electro cardiogram recordings in older days has been carried out using a colossal recording device, connected to the patients by several leads and tying them down to the bed or seat. These pieces of gear were great device back then and they were great examples of the state-of-the-art biomedical electronics design. This paper aims at developing a smart product for recording the ECG and Heart rate of the person using a simple and easy wearable device. With increase in technology smaller and efficient heart rate monitoring modules can be developed. This system uses single lead, heart rate monitor module with IC AD8232 and arduino uno with help of IoT for the obtaining the electrical activity of heart and measuring heart rate. This system analyzes the PQRST wave of the heart and the frequency helps in counting heart rate. The aim of this paper is to monitor cardiovascular movements of patient and warn some entity with a message using IoT service. The whole system and the consequent hardware and software modules are sketched and results are presented for explicatory purposes in this paper. The results have been tested experimentally in lab. Real time application of this system is monitoring condition of critical patients, pregnant women and elderly people in hospitals.


ECG Heart rate IOT Electrodes Health monitoring system 


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