Hybrid Triodetection Approach: A Framework for Intrusion Detection

  • M. Mahithaa SreeEmail author
  • M. SaranyaEmail author
  • S. Prayla ShyryEmail author
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With the emerging technologies in the internet, internal network security became a challenging issue in cyberspace. Though there are numerous devices and mechanisms to restrict the intruder attacks, the present inventions fall short of the mark due to the lack of accuracy. System access controls became a challenging dead weight even to the secure systems. The major productive defense today is use of intrusion detection system (IDS) and firewall. IDS works beyond the firewall by providing the protection to the network from internal and external attacks. However, firewall uses the same policy with minor defects. Hence the combination of firewall and IDS will be a better way for detecting vulnerability. This paper deals with three-layered approach like firewall, hybrid IDS and audit data which examines process involved in utilizing each of tools and elaborates their features and the proposed work extends the accuracy by providing dynamic security by trio-detection process.


Acoustic Audit data Cyberspace Firewall IDS Network security 


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