Prediction Based Agro Advisory System for Crop Protection

  • R. Ruba MangalaEmail author
  • A. Padmapriya
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Digital technology is transforming agriculture into an intelligent world. With recent technological advancements in the field of agriculture, massive volume of agricultural data is being created persistently and there arise a need of inventive and innovative technical, analytical approaches which are capable to handle the data and thereby it enters the era of Big Data. In the last few decades there is a deprivation in agriculture production due to the lack of training on emerging technologies for the practitioners. The Information and Communication Technology is trying to reduce the technological gap between rural area farmers and information through Expert system and Decision Support System. Prediction and Recommendation for pest as well as disease control are one among the major thrust area in the field of agriculture. The main scope is to provide easy access and timely accessibility of pest and disease management to the practitioners and suggest them with the best management strategies to improve the yield, preserve nature by consuming less pesticide as well as to preserve the farms. This paper describes the bird’s-eye view of expert systems and decision support systems used in the field of agriculture for pest and disease monitoring, identification and management.


Pest and disease control Bigdata analytics Expert system Decision Support System Prediction Recommendation 


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