AI Powered Partially Parallelized Scheme for Multifactor Authentication

  • G. R. KarpagamEmail author
  • A. Mukeshpandi
  • K. S. Sanjay Krishnan
  • S. Vanjinathan
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 374)


Smart planet is a world where all devices are given the power to communicate with people and other devices. For a planet to become smart, say earth, each country in the planet should become smart, which implies again for each country to become smarter each city in that country should become smart. This chapter discusses on how to offer smart security, an indispensable criteria for a smart planet. Section 6.1 defines the concept of a smart planet and the various criteria that must be considered when making an application smarter. Section 6.2 gives a broad idea on the components that will be needed and a brief introduction on the terminologies that will be used in later sections. Section 6.3 portrays the modeling and implementation of an AI powered partially parallelized multifactor authentication scheme as a product of smart security is discussed here. The model is experimented, and the results are viewed under different conditions with different data sets.


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  • G. R. Karpagam
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    Email author
  • A. Mukeshpandi
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  • K. S. Sanjay Krishnan
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  • S. Vanjinathan
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  1. 1.PSG College of TechnologyPeelamedu, CoimbatoreIndia

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