Clinical Variations of the Vitreo-lenticular Interface

  • Marie-José TassignonEmail author


Per-operative OCT has enabled us to better understand the clinical implications of structures described since the seventeenth century. The entire vitreo-lenticular space becomes more and more unraveled, and this provides new insights into pathologies such as congenital cataract. Understanding these structures and their pre-, per-, and postoperative behavior will assist in the development of new techniques and in the prevention of currently occurring problems and complications.


Vitreo-lenticular interface Space of Berger Space of Petit Ligament of Wieger Mittendorf dot Erggelet space Per-operative OCT Pediatric cataract AVLID PHPV Anterior vitreous detachment 

Supplementary material

Video 5.1

Anterior hyaloid prior to posterior capsule puncture and filling of Berger space with OVD (MPG 22130 kb)

Video 5.2

Posterior displacement of the anterior hyaloid by OVD injected through the posterior capsule opening (MPG 63120 kb)

Video 5.3

Lens debris pushed back after injecting OVD through the posterior capsule hole (MPG 9566 kb)

Video 5.4

OCT of a total anterior vitreous detachment with lens debris present in that space (MPG 38990 kb)

Video 5.5

Irrigation aspiration of lens fibrils with multiple posterior capsule snaps in the aspiration port of the probe (MPG 162066 kb)

Video 5.6

Partial anterior vitreous detachment in an adult eye (MPG 438664 kb)

Video 5.7

Egger’s line visible because of the pigment deposits in the angle formed by the space of Petit and the ligament of Wieger (WMV 7185 kb)

Video 5.8

Erggelet space and Mittendorf dot in a child eye (MPG 380232 kb)

Video 5.9

Congenital cataract presenting with an AVLID. The anterior interface is not well defined. The posterior capsule with the plaque is kept for immunohistochemical analysis (AVI 730390 kb)

Video 5.10

Posterior subcapsular plaque of toxic origin (MPG 5810 kb)

Video 5.11

Small Berger space in a child eye presenting congenital cataract (MPG 2167442 kb)

Video 5.12

Adult eye presenting a large inflated Berger space with OVD and a well-attached Wieger ligament (MPG 5496 kb)


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