Treatment of Deltoid Deficiency and Paralysis in Shoulder Arthroplasty

  • Julia Lee
  • Bassem ElhassanEmail author


The deltoid is the powerhouse of the shoulder, and deltoid deficiency or paralysis can be devastating to shoulder function. Improvements in shoulder arthroplasty technology and deltoid reconstruction options have led to innovative options for patients with deltoid paralysis and glenohumeral pathology. Reconstruction options for deltoid function include axillary nerve reinnervation or muscle tendon transfer. Nerve reinnervation procedures are time-sensitive and require confirmation of return of muscle function prior to arthroplasty. Muscle tendon transfers, on the other hand, are not time-sensitive and offer the option of a one-stage procedure for deltoid reconstruction and shoulder arthroplasty. Both deltoid reconstruction options in conjunction with shoulder arthroplasty have shown postoperative improvements in range of motion, pain, and patient-reported outcome measures.


Deltoid dysfunction in shoulder arthroplasty Deltoid paralysis in shoulder arthroplasty Axillary nerve injury and shoulder arthroplasty Shoulder tendon transfers and shoulder arthroplasty Glenohumeral arthrodesis for deltoid dysfunction 


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