Salvage Options for Failed Arthroplasty: Arthrodesis and Resection

  • Jason ScaliseEmail author


Both resection arthroplasty and arthrodesis of the glenohumeral joint are largely viewed as salvage procedures when other reconstructive treatment choices may not be indicated or possible in the setting of failed arthroplasty. Understanding the salvage options and indications for patients with failed shoulder arthroplasty is important to the treating surgeon. Patients with needs of higher functional demands (e.g., for employment purposes) may consider arthrodesis as a preferred option. In patients where lower functional demands will be expected, however, a resection arthroplasty may be more appropriate as adequate outcomes may still be obtained. Appropriate patient selection as well as attention to appropriate technique can lead to acceptable results in these otherwise challenging scenarios.


Arthrodesis Fusion, failed arthroplasty Resection arthroplasty 


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