Patient with Masked Hypertension

  • Julian Segura
Part of the Practical Case Studies in Hypertension Management book series (PCSHM)


A 65-year-old, Caucasian female, diagnosed of hypertension at 59 years of age, was followed up in our centre from the age of 63 years. She is receiving three antihypertensive drugs. Patient presents clinic blood pressure (BP) values very well controlled, but an increased albumin/creatinine ratio is confirmed. 24-h ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) was performed, and the final diagnosis was masked uncontrolled hypertension.

Masked hypertension can be diagnosed in untreated patients who have normal office BP with elevated ABPM or home BP. When treated individuals have normal office BP but persistently elevated ambulatory or home BP, the term masked uncontrolled hypertension is more appropriate. Patients with masked hypertension have increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease because they often remain undetected and untreated.


Masked hypertension Masked uncontrolled hypertension 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring Cardiovascular risk High blood pressure Target organ damage 


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