Playful Yellowness: Rescuing Interculturalism from Millennial Orientalism

  • Daphne P. LeiEmail author
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This chapter investigates performing “yellowness” in a playful but sincere way, as a recent trend of portraying Asianness and presenting Asian bodies in performance. Three methods are examined: yellow face, yellow drag, and yellow play. A number of performances, both theatrical performances and online cosplays from the 2010s are discussed. Postracial and transracial discourse, colorblind and diversity casting, as well as a form of renewed model minority mystique and yellow phobia all contribute to the formation of the practice of playful yellowness. Instead of engaging in critical dialogues and negotiations about cultures, aesthetics, and powers, which are essential elements of intercultural theatre, playful yellowness as a form of Millennial Orientalism acts as a racial and cultural equalizer and poses a threat to intercultural performance.

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