Butcher’s Shop: “The Final Reward”

  • Mary R. Tahan


This chapter documents the 4-day stay at the location the men of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition called “Butcher’s Shop,” named for the butchering of over half of their sled dogs by Roald Amundsen’s men and the eating of some of those butchered dogs by both the men and the surviving sled dogs. The question of whether or not it was necessary to eat the dogs is addressed in this chapter, taking into account the amount of food the men had with them, their own reasoning as given in their diaries, and the responses of the dogs who were allowed to remain alive. Amundsen’s relationship with dog meat and the men’s reactions and rationale about eating the meat are also presented and analyzed in this chapter, using Amundsen’s own words and the men’s own diary entries. Also analyzed is the number of dogs killed and the number of dogs actually eaten.


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