The Eastern Party’s Expedition to King Edward VII Land

  • Mary R. Tahan


This is an account of the Eastern expedition party, wherein the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition’s Hjalmar Johansen, Kristian Prestrud, and Jørgen Stubberud trek to King Edward VII Land with 16 sled dogs pulling 2 sledges. The party departs from their base camp Framheim on November 8, 1911. Working on the sledge teams are some of Amundsen’s former dog team members and their progeny, as well as a few of Johansen’s favorite dogs and popular 1-year-old puppies born on the ship. The expedition first heads south, to the first depot at 80°, in order to take on provisions, and there meets an unexpected traveler from the South Pole party, who is incorporated into the Eastern Party. The Eastern expedition members then take on enough food for all of the dogs and men to last the entire journey and proceed to move on toward the east.


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