Commercialization Skills: Necessity for High Technology Entrepreneurs in Digital Era

  • Saheed A. GbadegeshinEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 881)


As Fourth revolution evolves, digitalization enables development and diffusion of new high technologies. Hence, it is essential to have knowledge on commercialization competence, which assists entrepreneurs to transform their inventions/innovations into consumable products/services. Therefore, this study investigates commercialization skills and their importance for entrepreneurs in digital era. A qualitative method was used via interview. Business advisors and developers in Finland were interviewed. The results revealed that presentation/pitching, regulatory, information analysis, social media, and negotiation skills are necessary for high technology entrepreneurs. The results also affirmed that entrepreneurship, marketing, and business management skills, which are previously discussed by scholars and practitioners, are also needed. With these results, this study contributes to the discourse of commercialization and entrepreneurship education.


Commercialization skill High technology Entrepreneur Digitalization Entrepreneurship education 



The author would like to thank Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Education in Finland (Liikesivistysrahasto), Turku University Foundation, Turun Kauppaseura Foundation, Turku TOP-Säätiö, and Turku School of Economics Support Foundation (Matti Koivurinnan säätiö) for their financial support. Similarly, the author would like to thank reviewers of the article, as well as his supervisors: Professor Jarna Heinonen and Professor Anne Kovalainen. The author also thanks his colleague, Mr. Ezak Ofem, for his feedback on the manuscript.


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